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Hey guys sono andata a rompere un po’ le palle a Gareth Emmett su facebook per voi.
Beccatevi questa short interview!

PV: hey boy can i ask you some questions about long clothing?
GE: What Q’s yooo?.
PV: how it’s born long clothing? what d’you do in this project? awww i really love this http://www.longclothing.com/gallery/21
GE: Long clothing was started by Me and Rhys Dawney. We both wanted some longer fit t shirts and could not find any to taste. I decided to design my own long fit t shirt and Rhys designed some graphics. I then hand printed some t shirts, and was really happy with the product, I then went on to open a market and we grew into what you see today
PV: what about the parties? I get the invitation but i live in italy
GE:  you miss out x
PV: I promise I’ll come when I’ll go to London

Watch the gallery!

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